Cassie Blase and Scott Barnhart

Barnhart Engagements Edited-0080.jpg

Scott asked Cassie to be his wife on July 8, 2017. He planned a hike around Radnor Lake, one of their favorite places in Nashville, and set it up for them to have breakfast and mimosas on a bench overlooking the lake. He also arranged for one of her best friends to come take pictures, and once she got there and the overlook cleared, he told Cassie to go look for turtles. When she turned around, he was down on one knee!

Scott proposed with a stunning emerald cut diamond with a halo and diamond band. They plan to get married on July 14, 2018, in a church ceremony with a rustic but elegant flare… and, of course, a football stadium twist. I think you can definitely see their love for football reflected throughout their engagement photos! Please read on and look through their sweet pictures; their love for each other and the Lord truly spills over!

~What is your favorite thing about your fiancé/fiancée?

Cassie: His smile! It lights up a room and just makes you happy no matter what.

Scott: Her passion for everything she does and her caring heart. It’s inspiring to me!


~What does a typical/ideal date night look like for the two of you?

Cassie & Scott: An ideal date night is doing something in which we are both interested (sporting event, hiking, late night walks outside, etc.), going out to dinner at one of our favorite restaurants, and then coming home and to watch Netflix or a movie.


~What is your favorite memory together?

Cassie: One of my favorite memories is the first time we said, “I love you”. Scott had come to visit me over the summer in Indiana. We stayed up late and since everyone had gone to bed, we decided to take some blankets outside and lay on the front porch. We were under the stars talking and then he looked over at me and said, “I love you”.


~How does your fiancé/fiancée make you smile/laugh?

Cassie: He is always being a goofball and making me laugh. He also loves messing with me and doing silly things like singing in the car or dancing.

Scott: I laugh at all her little quirks (her interactions with her cat, the way she has to clean her house, etc.) and her sarcastic sense of humor, and she laughs at mine. It’s fun!


~What is his/her best quality or personality trait?

Cassie: His sweet, sweet heart. I love how he fiercely loves Christ; it shows in his everyday life. He treats me so kindly and like a queen. He also genuinely loves everyone around him. He puts everyone first and he is hands down the nicest guy I have ever met!

Scott: Her passionate and genuine heart. Everything she does and commits to gets done with the most effort she can give. She wants to constantly make other people feel special and loved, which is so cool for me to see on a daily basis.


~What are some of your dreams and goals as a couple?

Cassie & Scott: We both have a dream of starting a family together and showing them the love of Christ. We can’t wait to show them the love of sports we both have and watch them grow. As a couple, we have a goal of fiercely loving the Lord and having a strong relationship with Him and each other. We want to go wherever the Lord is taking us, continue to adventure, and have fun together as we start a new life as one.


~Do you plan to take a honeymoon? If so, where?

Scott & Cassie: Yes, we have decided to go St. Lucia. We both love the beach and hiking, and St. Lucia had a good mix of both. We can’t wait to go on our first trip as a couple and explore the island!