Mr. and Mrs. Stinnett

Stinnett Wedding-41.jpg

Chase Stinnett and Sara Hamilton were filled with SO much joy on their wedding day and it was such an honor to be able to capture it all on camera! They were married on May 28th, 2017, at the Estes Chapel in Wilmore, surrounded by so many loving friends and family. It is impossible to look at these two and not see their radiant love for both Christ and each other.

Chase and Sara met on a "blind date" through mutual friends. At first, she was “SO not interested,” as she puts it… but they eventually met for breakfast at Cracker Barrel, where she ordered extra butter and stole his heart. They ended up talking for three hours talking about their faith and what they wanted out of a relationship, and they met for another date that very night. They fell hard and fast, and the rest is history! When I asked Sara what her favorite thing about Chase is, she answered that he is “the most kind-hearted man, the best listener, a sweet servant, and the most humble leader I have ever met.”

Sara says that her one of her favorite parts of the wedding was, "Everything honored God that day. It was exactly what I wanted and nothing I could plan for. So many things went wrong before that day, but when I walked down the aisle to Chase, the man that God MADE for me, it was my most favorite walk.” The Stinnetts look forward to their future together. They want to travel together and have babies to love. More than anything, they aim to be an example of the beautiful gifts that God gives and the love between Christ and the church. Show this couple some love and enjoy these highlights from their special day!

Love Always,



Florist: Meagan Cooley

Hair and Makeup: Hair by Renae Corman; Makeup by Sephora

Cake: Kim Wemyss

Emcee: David Miller 

Ceremony: Todd Thomas and Ian Schweitzer

Reception and catering: North Lime Donuts

Dress: The White Room

Suit: Macy's